The British Heritage Legend.
Since 1919.

Brough Superior Motorcycles is considered one of the most iconic and legendary motorcycle brands of all time.

The Brough

The Brough family played a significant role in the history of Brough Superior Motorcycles, which is considered one of the most iconic and legendary motorcycle brands of all time. The family consisted of several members who played key roles in the design, manufacturing and marketing of Brough Superior motorcycles.


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The first Brough Motorcycles

William Brough was the British entrepreneur who founded Brough Motors, a company that produced cars and motorcycles in the years before 1919. His first car, a 3.5 hp De Dion-powered tricycle with belt final drive, was produced in his spare time whilst working at a colliery and completed in early 1898.
The first Brough Motorcycle followed in 1902, a strengthened bicycle with an engine fitted ahead of the front down-tube and fixed belt drive to the rear wheel.

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After the War

Immediately after the war George Brough started to build his new-style sporting motorcycle together with his friend Jack Montgomery in the Montgomery works at Coventry.
Here is a summary of the events that took place in the company's early years from 1919 to 1922 ...

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Sporting Successes
and a new Brough Superior SS80

Within the 2 previous years, George Brough had managed to establish the Brough Superior motorcycles among the finest of motorcycles in the world, unsurpassed in performance and unequalled in styling.In the years 1923 and 1924, the company experienced significant developments and achievements ...

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100 mph guaranteed!

For 1925 George Brough revealed a new machine to consolidate his position as manufacturer of the fastest production motorcycle. This new super-sports model, which would set the standards for all road-going motorcycles up to the Second World War was the Brough Superior SS 100 ...

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The overhead 680 and the start of the Great Depression

A totally new small sports Brough Superior was introduced at the Motorcycle Show: George Brough himself called it "Miniature SS 100" with an entirely new 680cc overhead-valve JAP engine ...

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1932-1938: A three-Wheeled Motorcycle and The Matchless Years

Between 1932 and 1938, Brough Superior experienced notable highs and lows. It gained acclaim for its powerful and luxurious motorcycles, achieved speed records and expanded its product line. However, financial difficulties and the onset of World War II posed significant challenges for the company.

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Wartime and the Post-War Years

Regrettably, the outbreak of World War II in 1939 disrupted Brough Superior's operations. The company shifted its focus to wartime production, manufacturing military motorcycles, and other equipment for the armed forces. This transition marked the beginning of a new chapter in Brough Superior's history, as its post-war trajectory would be markedly different.

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