Performances, Performers and Collectors

Vintage Motorsport has a passionate community of enthusiasts interested in historic vehicles and motorsport. This community consists of drivers, collectors, restorers and fans who meet to share their passion for vintage motorbikes, racing and record attempts. And Brough Superior has carried this gene since the earliest days!

Bonneville 2011

Brough Superior revisited Bonneville in August 2011 with a newly constructed Brough Superior SS100 Retro. The Brough Superior SS100 Retro for Bonneville 2011 has been designed and built by Alastair Gibson, Brough Superior’s Chief Engineer in England.

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Bonneville 2013

The Bonneville Salt Flats are a well-known and popular venue for motorsport speed record attempts. They offer a unique environment specifically suited to this type of event, with a long history of impressive records and outstanding performances.
In 2013, on the initiative of Mark Upham, a delegation of Brough Superior enthusiasts headed to Utah to dare to set new records.

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The collectors

Vintage motorcycle collectors play an important role in preserving the history of motorsport.
Through the preservation and use of historic vehicles, their collections provides a look back at past motor sport eras and helps to document and appreciate the evolution of motor sport over time.
Below, we feature well-known contemporary collectors of Brough Superior motorcycles.

Jay Leno

Jay Leno, the iconic comedian, renowned TV host, and passionate automotive enthusiast, has carved a remarkable niche for himself as the collector of vintage Brough Superior motorcycles.
With an unwavering love for classic two-wheeled marvels, Leno's obsession with these rare and exquisite machines knows no bounds.
Leno's dedication to preserving these timeless gems and sharing their stories with the world cements his status as a true connoisseur of vintage motorcycles and a living legend in the automotive realm.
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Jason Momoa

Introducing Jason Momoa, the epitome of cool and the ultimate collector of vintage Brough Superior motorcycles. Known for his commanding presence on-screen, this Hollywood superstar finds solace and exhilaration in the timeless beauty of these iconic machines.
With an unyielding passion for preserving automotive history, Momoa's collection boasts rare and exquisite Brough Superior models, each whispering stories of a bygone era.
As a connoisseur of craftsmanship and a guardian of tradition, he showcases the elegance and power of these vintage motorcycles like no other.

Paul d'Orleans

Paul d'Orléans, renowned as "The Vintagent," is a distinguished collector of vintage Brough Superior motorcycles, encapsulating the essence of motorcycling history.
With an unparalleled passion for these iconic machines and his extensive knowledge, d'Orleans has established himself as a preeminent authority on Brough Superiors, their craftsmanship, and their timeless allure.
His extensive knowledge and discerning eye have propelled him to the forefront of the vintage motorcycle community, earning him respect and admiration worldwide.
Paul d’Orléans is a writer and photographer living in San Francisco. He is also a globally recognized expert on the history of motorcycles and motorcycle cultures.
His website has been the gold standard for motorcycle writing since 2006.


Alban & Attila Scheiber

The twin brothers Alban and Attila Scheiber from Hochgurgl - ski school operators, cable car entrepreneurs and owners of the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road - are not only enthusiastic motorcyclists, but above all visionary founders and proud owners of the world's first motorbike museum at an altitude of over 2,175m above sea level, the Motorcycle Experience World in Hochgurgl, Austria.
Since April 2016, over 500 vintage motorbikes and old-timers have been on display there on 4,500m².

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Sam Lovegrove

Sam Lovegrove is a well-known television personality and has repaired motorcycles of all types on several shows.

He is known worldwide for his phenomenal knowledge and skills and is considered THE expert for the restoration of Brough Superior motorcycles, which he also collects himself.

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Mark Upham

Meet Mark Upham, the ultimate connoisseur and collector of vintage Brough Superior motorcycles.
With a deep-rooted passion for their history and craftsmanship, Upham has dedicated his life to preserving and celebrating this iconic brand.
Acquiring the Brough Superior trademark in 2008, Upham currently owns and restores 14 models of these legendary motorcycles.
With a lifelong background in building and restoring vintage English motorcycles, Upham's expertise is widely recognized.
As a respected motorcycle aficionado, he also manages his own business, British Only Austria, specializing in spare parts for British vintage motorcycles.

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