New records at the Salt Flats in Bonneville!

After the successful record attempt in Bonneville 2011, Brough Superior returned to the Salt Flats in late August 2013 with two machines and three riders - and was successful again: The Team of Brough Superior set the longed-for new records!

Riders included Eric Patterson, TV presenter Henry Cole and world famous racing journalist Alan Cathcart. Chief engineers were Sam Lovegrove and Alastair Gibson. David Sharp was this years Team Manager.
Other team members included Cathy Patterson, Giles Jackson, Mike Jackson and Ian Poskett.

Television presenter Henry Cole set a new record in the AMA 750AVF class riding a “Baby Pendine” 750cc Brough Superior motorcycle.

This was Henry’s first time on the salt but he rode like a champ surviving a tank slapper and a breezy crosswind to record the best speed of 104.298mph in the flying kilo and 103.941mph in the flying mile.

After waiting patiently in line for nearly three hours it was a fitting reward for the team and especially his chief engineer Sam Lovegrove.

Brough Superior 750 cc - Baby Pendine
Rider Henry Cole

Conditions were deteriorating as the day went on although the salt stayed hard, the wind made riding tricky. There was just enough time to get Henry’s bike through inspection and then he rode up to the line with seconds to spare.

Class AMA 750 A-VF Average Speed 99.78 mph
Rider: Henry Cole
25.8.2013 104.298 mph
25.8.2013 95.619 mph

Brough Superior 750 cc - Baby Pendine
Rider Alan Cathcart

Class FIM Kilometer 750 Av. Speed 101.329 mpH
Rider: Alan Cathcart
25.8.2013 97.447 mph
25.8.2013 105.210 mph

Class 750 A-PS-VG Average Speed 101.3285 mph
Rider: Alan Cathcart
25.8.2013 97.447 mph
25.8.2013 105.210 mph

Brough Superior 1150 cc
Rider Eric Patterson

Class 1350 APS-VF Average Speed 113.668 mph
Rider: Eric Patterson
25.8.2013 110.454 mph time 12.27
25.8.2013 116.882 mph time 14.21

Class 1350 A-VF Average Speed 124.345 mph
Rider: Eric Patterson
28.8.2013 122.614 mph time 15.14
28.8.2013 126.075 mph time 15.44


Speed Records & World Records Bonneville 2013

Bonneville 2013 was a big success - here are the official documents of the speed - & world records of Alan Cathcard, Eric Patterson and Henry Cole: