E.C.E Barry Baragwanath

E.C.E Barry Baragwanath was a British motorcycle racer who gained fame in the 1920s and 1930s for his exploits on the racetrack. Baragwanath began his racing career in 1912, riding a 998cc Winit JAP motorcycle, winning the class E speed trial. He quickly established himself as a talented rider, and soon moved up to more prestigious competitions.

In 1925, Baragwanath began racing for the Brough Superior motorcycle company, which was known for producing high-performance machines. He immediately made an impact, winning his first race on a Brough Superior at Brooklands in 1927. Over the next few years, Baragwanath became one of the top riders in the world, winning numerous races and setting speed records.

In 1931, Baragwanath set a new world speed record for motorcycles, reaching a top speed of 102.48 miles per hour on a Brough Superior (called "BBBB - Barry`s Big Blown Brough"). He continued to break records and win races throughout the 1930s, earning a reputation as one of the most skilled and daring riders of his generation.

Despite his success on the racetrack, Baragwanath was known for his modesty and unassuming nature. He was respected and admired by his peers for his skill and sportsmanship, and was widely regarded as one of the greatest motorcycle racers of his era.

Baragwanath passed away in 1977, but his legacy as a pioneering motorbike racer and skilled rider of Brough Superior motorcycles lives on. His achievements continue to inspire motorcycle enthusiasts and racers around the world, and his name remains synonymous with the golden age of British motorcycle racing.

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