Stefan Cush & The Feral Family

This is a brand new musical and creative collaboration featuring, amongst others, Sputnik Weazel, Tom Spencer, Ricky McGuire, and Stefan Cush. The Feral Family project marks the beginning of a new chapter in the great rock 'n' roll escaladopade!

Brough Superior

September, 2011 sees the completion of our debut album - Brough Superior - due for imminent release in various formats. We're currently working on a tour schedule, so watch this space for further developments.




About us... a brief potted history

Stefan Cush - Singer, song-writer, guitarist with over twenty-five years time served with super-charged rebel folk-rock combo, The Men They Couldn`t Hang (T.M.T.C.H.) Other musical ventures include fronting legendary wedding/trasher band Folkfinger and playing guitar for The Pogues (standing in for a poorly Philip Chevron). In addition to live music, Mr. Cush has played venerable host as D.J. in London clubland, holding court with compadre Trish O`Flynn at the reknowned Mean Fiddler venue for several years, presenting Cush & O`Flynn's Soup Kitchen, Cincitti, Tir na nog, et al. Since re-locating to South Wales in the mid-noughties, he`s continued song-writng and playing the local live circuit, whilst remaining committed to T.M.T.C.H. cause and effect! Known throughout the musical world as The Consuminator - due to his appreciation of the finer things in life... and the less fine... and the average...and the unpleasant.... and the downright awful!!

Sputnik Weazel - Drums, Keyboards, and Feral production. Originally from Manchester, then reared down south... Sputnik's lustrative career spans more decades and countries than he can remember, he has busked with Eddie Izzard, jammed with Jools Holland, and now drums with T.M.T.C.H. and the Surfin' Lungs (Wild Punk Records: Spain). Sputnik spends his spare time searching for Peacock eggs and treasure in the grounds of his stately home - so far has only unearthed the odd, somewhat worse for wear, Consuminator.



Tom Spencer - Lead guitar. West London born and bred, the talented Mr. Spencer has enjoyed an illustrious career in the post-punk rock 'n' roll circus. Firstly cutting his teeth with his father, the late John B Spencer. He then spent the 90's touring the European circuit incessantly with Big Boy Tomato, Sugarsnatch and punk legends The Lurkers. In '98 he formed The Yo-yos, signed to Sub-Pop and spent time in the good old U S of A. In recent years he's been a member of Ginger Wildheart and Friends, The Loyalties, The Dogs D'Amour and The Vincent Razorbacks to name merely a few. Currently playing in his family band - Fastlane Roogalator - Tom is also on banjo duties with the ubiquitous T.M.T.C.H. Proprietor of West London's Toms' Bar (and hostel for broken muso's) - occasionally drained by the aforementioned Consuminator.

Ricky McGuire - Bass Guitar. Hailing from Kilburnie, Ayrshire, Ricky has graced stages the world over with his deft fretwork! A rythymn section stalwart with three decades` experience, Ricky,s played bass in Chaotic Youth, J.C.B., The Fits, U.K. Subs - earning first class punk honours! Since the late eighties he's been in T.M.T.C.H., whilst appearing concurrently with the aforementioned Folkfinger, 'Roogalators and also The Killer B`s. A keen fancier of the wasp, Ricky also enjoys cultivating the Victorian herb garden window box on his vast Acton estate, which also serves as a fine hiding place from the Consuminator.

Words and Foto from the Homepage