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The Brough rides again: Ltd. edition of motorcycles-made famous by Lawrence of Arabia- to be rolled out 70 years on....

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Brough Superior SS100 Near Production | Test Bikes Expected in May


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Brough Superior Mythos reloaded - Oldtimermakrt


Brough Superior at EICMA 2014


Jeremy McWilliams makes a Grand return to the track


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Brough Superior - Luxus auf zwei Rädern



La Brough Superior SS100 ressuscite la Rolls des motos : la machine de l’espion anglais T.E. Lawrence. Prêts à jouer les aventuriers ?


La vie de la Moto

La "Rolls" de la moto revient!


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Eric Patterson at Bonneville


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La Rolls de la moto renaît à Toulouse


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Cafe Bikes - Attrazione fatale: Bonneville Record


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Boursorama LIFE STYLE - Brough Superior SS100


Brough Superior in Japanese Magazine - PEN with new attitude


GENERATION MOTO - le retour de la Rolls Royce



Brough-Superior-Revival: Happy Metal


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New Brough takes centre stage at Kempton


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Marken Revival 2014 - Brough Superior


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Sir Alan Cathcart


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Brough Superior is one of the 10 most Exiting Motorcycles of Eicma 2014


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23rd of Nov. 2013


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Dec. 2013



The new SS100 - Brough is Back with Brough Superior SS100


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GQ-Magazin - Brough Superior - Nackter Luxus aus Großbritannien

1924 erschien die erste Brough Superior SS100, 2014 kehrt das englische Traditionsbike mit Luxus-Flair in limitierter Auflage zurück


Motorcycle Classics - Back for the future with nouveau Brough racer...


Veterán - Két világrekord by Alan Cathcart


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OLD BIKE MART - Rekords taken with a pinch of salt - October Taylormade/Brough Superior Moto2 Racer

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CycleNews Page 24


F800 Riders!?p=1126242


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Motorcycle Consumer News - Design - Return To The Salt

Page 38/39


Dos récords del mundo para Alan Cathcart en Bonneville


Southsiders - Brough Superior make successful return to Bonneville Salt Flats

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Brough Superior - THE ACE CAFE 75th Anniversary Special

Celebrating Ace Culture


Brough Superieur in Bonneville by Alan Cathcart



The worlds No 1 Vintage Motorcycle Sites about Brough Superior at Bonneville


RETURN TO THE SALT by Glynn Kerr/Bike India Oct. 2013

With the names Brough Superior and the Ace Cafe also prominent in the invitation, acceptance seemed virtually an obligation

Story & Image by Glynn Kerr


Cycle News - Brough and Cathcart set records

Read Page 27


Motorcycle Classics - Salt Shakers: Brough Superior sets new records


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Another Brough Superior joins the top 10 most valuable motorcycles at auction

by Mike Hanlon


Motorradreporter - News

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Eric Patterson's Brough Superior - Silodrome

British/Brough Superior/Engineering/Motorcycles/Photography/Racing/Vintage


Brough Superior Debuts Familiar Moto2 Race Bike


Brough Superior, in arrivo una bicilindrica e una Moto2

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Rustless Blog

Rustless Blog


Brough Family Organization

2013 Reunion of
Brough Family & Brough Motorcycles
Brough Reunion, Saturday, August 24, 2013


Classic Bike Guide - Brough Superior - September 2013


Ultimatemotorcycling - Brough Superior Team sets Bonneville Bub Record

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Iron Works Brough Superior Rides to World Records at Bonneville


A great day on the Bonneville Salt Flats

by Gary France


Brough Superior, Ace Cafe Host Special Announcements

by Pit Lane Sportbike News




LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 21: Comedian Jay Leno host Return to the Salt with Brough Superior presented by Matchless and Ace Cafe at the The Petersen Automotive Museum on August 21, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Ace Cafe


Brough Superior in Cyclenews

Cycle News


Ace Cafe presents -Brough Superior return to the Salt-

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The Vintagent - Brough Superior return the the Salt

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The Motorbike Show is back! Henry Cole visiting British Only Austria and Brough Superior

The Motorbike Show is back!
British Only on the Motorbike show.
Starting Wednesday 12th of June 9PM on ITV4 - for six weeks.
The presenter Henry Cole visited Mark Upham CEO of Brough Superior Motorcycles and British Only Austria, in February this year. See what he discovered.

Now Henry is doing a film about Brough Superior back at Pendine

Henry Cole


Vinces Worthwhile website

World Famous Motorcycles-Brough Superior


BIKEEXIF-The new Brough Superiors

The "new" Brough Superiors


BIKEEXIF-Brough Superior SS100

Brough Superior SS100


Broughs at Bonneville

The Vintage Motorcycle Club Magazine May 2013

Broughs at Bonneville


BIKEEXIF-Brough Superior Pendine

Brough Superior Pendine


Eric Patterson and Team Brough - Classic Bike Guide 2013

Spending Time with a Brough Superior works rider, Bonneville

Speed Record Holder, Kempton Park autojumble organiser,

lifelong motocycle nut  and V-Twin addict.

Words by Garry Pinchin

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Page 2 (JPG | 470,90 kb)

Page 3 (JPG | 967,55 kb)

Page 4 (JPG | 783,16 kb)

Page 5 (JPG | 3.120,19 kb)

Page 6 (JPG | 2.755,74 kb)

Page 6 (JPG | 451,08 kb)


Jonnymetbird - Brough Superior SS101 Pendine Motorcycle

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Jay Leno´s Garage , Films about Brough Superior

Brough Superior Films



Pendine Sands is one of the most evocative names in the annals of British motorcycle history. In the 1920s the seven-mile (11 km) beach on the south coast of Wales hosted the Welsh TT races and no less than five successful land speed record attempts.

A few days ago, the beach was abuzz once more with the sound of engines. It was the occasion of the revitalized Pendine Speed Trials, and one of the most interesting vehicles there was this ‘new’ Brough Superior SS101 ‘Pendine’.



bsmotoring-1936 Brough Supeior SS100 Diamond in the Brough

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Vavavooom : L’Accessoire de la fashion week masculine !

Chez Ralph Lauren c’est l’heure de l’apéri-« gros cube ». Véritable œuvre de haute couture, la Brough Superior exposée dans sa vitrine du boulevard Saint Germain allume le regard de tous les fans de moto. Et pas que !

Vous aviez pensé à un chapeau, un nœud papillon, un sac, une paire de chaussure ? Raccrochez ! Le véritable accessoire de la semaine de la mode masculine qui commence dans quelques jours à Paris (du mercredi 27 juin au lundi 1er juillet) se cache dans la vitrine de la boutique Ralph Lauren du Boulevard Saint Germain. La « Brough Superior SS101K Alpine Grand Sport, type 1925/26 » qui s’y expose est plus qu’une moto : c’est « LA » moto ! Un modèle inestimable et pourtant estimé par les spécialistes à quelques 250 000 dollars. Une rareté prêtée ici par Mark Upham, collectionneur et intarissable promoteur de Brough.


Da biste Brough: 303.000 €

Artikle in Oldtimer Markt 6/2012


Moto Magazin

La raison ? Fêter le nouveau thème de la vitrine : « Lawrence d’Arabie ». Le modèle choisi est le prototype N°1 de la SS 100, sortie en 1926, propriété de Mark Upham, lui-même proprié more follow link




men´s file Brough Superior Speed Trail

www.mensfile. com


men´s file Double RL / Brough Superior


men´s file 06


Jay Leno`s 1939 Brough Superior 11.50

Most people are familiar with the SS100 (the bike Lawrence of Arabia tragically died on), but have you seen George Brough's workhorse? Debuting in 1939, this flathead V-Twin was designed primarily for sidecar use and was favored by police. Bike are restored by Brough Superior Motorcycle ltd.




Link to the film


Cafe' Racer

Shaking The Salt

Brough sete record in Bonneville return


Motor Cyclist

Born again Brough


La Vie de La Moto

Le retour du Silver Fish


Brough SS100 on tour

In the Summer of 1953 my father Geoffrey Gander and his friends set off on their annual Motor Cycling holiday around Europe.
They took a Brough Superior SS100, Triumph Thunderbird, Triumph T100 and a couple of Sunbeams.


BS Catalogs 2009 -2011

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The resurrected Brough Superior comes full circle with a new record at Bonneville Salt Flats.

Brough Superior has returned. The most legendary of motorcycles—which, despite all its glamour, gentlemanly refinement, and, yes, cost, is, at its heart, a raw missile—has triumphantly honored its bloodline by setting a new speed record at the hallowed Bonneville Salt Flats.

by Jared Zaugg


Classsic Driver

Try getting your inside leg measured for this one. American purveyor of “clothing of style & substance”, Bench & Loom, is offering one of the new, highly sought-after Brough Superior motorcycles alongside its hip men’s threads.

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Extra Blick

Zwei Engländer die Österreich lieben.

von Franz X. Wimmer


BUILTWELL Shop "BROUGH SUPERIOR Retro Pendine Racer 1000cc $250,000"


Brough Superior is probably the most legendary name in motorcycle history. The hand-made British speed machines were famously called “The Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles” due to their exquisite craftsmanship and premium price, although “The Bentley of Motorcycles” may have been a better comparison since Brough Superior won races and set speed records with astounding frequency.

Now back in production, Brough Superior is again creating – in highly limited numbers –bespoke motorcycles with all the lustful aesthetics of their 1930s brethren..................

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MEN'S REVERIE "Brough Superior. La Rolls delle due ruote, è tornata"

Nel 1927 Thomas Edward Lawrence (meglio noto come Lawrence d’Arabia), diede luogo a una competizione davvero originale, che oggi non sfigurerebbe nel programma televisivo Top Gear.  Lawrence sfidò un biplano da caccia Bristol in sella a quello che all’epoca era considerato un autentico prodigio di tecnologia..............

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The brough Superior Motorcycle has a storied past and, with its recent revival, a promising future........

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Motorcycle USA.COM

Prepared over the last nine months by Brough’s chief engineer and designer Alastair Gibson [in his Brackley, Northants, workshop] the un-streamlined vintage Brough, running on pump gasoline, was ridden exclusively by 65-year old Eric Patterson, a former 120 mph record breaker....................

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Motorcycle Classics

Brough Breaks Bonneville Record

by Richard Backus

The specially constructed 1,100cc SS model Brough Superior completed two opposite-direction runs through the measured mile at Bonneville Salt Flats on September 1, 2011, at a mean average speed of 124.98 mph, breaking the AMA 1350-A-VG Speed Record established by a 1350cc Indian in 2005 at 114 mph! 






Fully 62 years later, a factory-backed speed record attempt by Brough Superior coalesced on the vast white plain of the Bonneville Salt Flats.  The Brough name has been in continuous usage since George Brough himself last assembled a motorcycle in the late 1940s; GB maintained an engineering works for years, then sold the name to new owners, who each hoped to resume production of the grandest name in motorcycling.  I was standing with Mark Upham the day his own Brough lightbulb lit up.............


160 mph Brough Superior

Brough Superior heads to Bonneville salt flats to break speed records.Built by ex- Honda F1 engineer. First Brough Bonneville speed attempt for 62 jears.

Article: Motorcycle News Wednesday 17. Aug. 2011


Brough Superior on Classic Expo in Salzburg

 Classic Expo 30.9. - 2.10.2011 Messezentrum Salzburg (Austria)


Men`s file "Paris Brough"

Our purpose here is to photograph the four Brough Superiors and a Small part of the Double RL men`s clothing range. A dispatch rider`s rubberized cotton mac, a tweed jacket, a French casque (cap) and a leather coat. Fore these items this is also the correct domain as this is where they always belonged.


issue 04 "men`s file"  a Modern Magazine tracing the Roots of Style

many Thank`s to Nick Clements (Photography / Text)


Biker fashion

Articel: The National  Feb 20, 2011  written by Josh Sims

From gaudy, skintight rally leathers to chic shearling jackets, biker style has been perennially popular for fashion-conscious men. But a recent revival of interest in classic vintage bikes and modern replicas has boosted interest in retro biker fashions to match - and modern technology means they work both on and off the road.

"The retro bike scene is a growing sub-culture that is part of the same non-conformist interest in vintage clothing," reckons Mark Upham, the new owner of Brough, which hand-makes exact bespoke replicas, at a rate of five a year, of the 1927 Brough Superior, notoriously the bike on which Lawrence of Arabia was killed in 1935 (swerving to avoid a pedestrian, an accident that led to the introduction of the first motorcycle helmets). more follow the link


Men's file photo shoot, Beaulieu

In the  issue 04 "men`s file"  a Modern Magazine tracing the Roots of Style are a photo shoot in Beaulieu with Brough Superior.

many Thank`s to Nick Clements (Photography)


Sur le traces de Sir Lawrence d`Arabie

Pour le lancement dune toute novelle ligne vestimentaire de style annèes 30 à 50 chez Ralph Lauren, plusieurs machines anciennes ont ètè exposèes. Dans le lot, 4 Brough!

Artikel and Fotos from Mr. Marco Quido

La vie de la Moto


George Brough`s 1925 SS100 Alpine Grand Sport to cross the block

George Brough`s prototype Brough Superior SS100 Alpine Grand Sport is to be sold by New York fine arts auction house Phillips de Pury on December 15th, 2010.



Link to fotos SS100 Alpine Grand Sports

Iconic Brough Superior in fine arts auction (PDF | 176,71 kb)


Alastair Gibson (middle)

Brough back at Bonneville

Mark Upham CEO of Brough Superior Motorcycles Ltd is delighted to announce the firm will be contesting Bonneville Speed Week next year with a new machine based on the existing 1927 SS100 Pendine model which was first unveiled at Pebble Beach in August 2009. The machine will be known as the Brough Superior SS100 Retroit will be running on pump fuel un-streamlined.  Design  style and construction will be the direct responsibility of Alastair Gibson formerly chief mechanic for Honda Formula Oneand lifelong 2-wheel enthusiast. After a quarter century working for several Champions in F1 Alastair now works from his own design studio near Oxford.  “When Mark approached me with the idea of a “Retro” machine for Bonneville I was immediately fired up I know the extent of the challenge having previously been deeply involved on the salt in 2006 with the Honda F1 car that broke the existing record for the category!”  
The motivation for this exciting project comes from Mark Upham himself who confirms that the project is to be funded by Brough Superior Motorcycles Ltd. In anticipating the machine’s final completion and testing by July it is then intended the “Retro” will be despatched to Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage in Los Angeles where after re-assemblyit will be shown for the first time.  The “Retro” will be displayed at Ralph Lauren in Los Angeles on the 24th of August, prior to shipment to the Bonneville Salt Flats towards the end of that month. The “Retro” machine’s progress can be followed on the firm’s website:
Mark Upham says“Alastair has been helping us for the past two years I am therefore delighted to have him so closely involved with the “Retro” project which effectively is Brough Superior’s first return to Bonneville after an absence of 60 years!”


Men's file photo shoot, Paris

It seemed an excellent opportunity: the confluence of the Men's File crew, a sunny day in Paris, and a million dollars' worth of Brough SuperiorsNick Clements had brought two models (Spirit of Britain's Simon Delaney and friend) along for atmosphere at the Ralph Lauren/Men's File party the night prior, so we had gents in period dress, motorcycles, and a picturesque spot on the Seine, on the quai under Pont Sully, relatively free of perambulators and bicyclists, and nearly devoid of modern vehicles, having in one direction only the river, the 1800s buildings of Paris, and a series of river barges which a few hardy souls call home. ..........


Men's file Party at Ralph Lauren

While best known in the motoring world for his collection of exquisite cars, Ralph Lauren is one savvy character, and it's merely a matter of time before we see his silver-haired visage at Pebble Beach, standing beside some outrageous two-wheeled acquisition. The only speculation will be, 'which bike?'... and judging by the recent Men's File magazine party at the flagship RL store on Boulevard St. Germain in Paris, I have a pretty good guess what his first purchase might look like. ......


Impression from Pebble Beach 2010 Concurse d`Elegance

First impression from the Brough Superior presentation in the "GARAGE" Pebble Beach 2010. Jeff Decker the well nown artist works on a Brough Superior sculpture.

link to Concurse d`Elegance 2010


Brough: rich boys`toys

Look to the file with the articel from the newspaper " The National ".

The National motoring "rich boys`toys" (PDF | 396,15 kb)


BROUGH SUPERIOR at Pebble Beach Concours d`Elegance 2010

Concourse d`Elegance at Pebble Beach  11.8.2010 - 15.11.2010


Brough Superior best bike of the Oldtimermesse Tulln Austria

A Brough Superior SS80 B&D from 1933 are the winner of the golden rose at the Oldtimermesse Tulln Austria.


An article from MOTO Journal January 2010 about, Brough Superior



After 70 years, the motorbike beloved of Lawrence of Arabia is back  Simon de Burton reports  The Financial Times (how to spend it) March 2010




An article by Jeff Buchanan about, Brough Superior's new SS101J Pendine in the ULTIMATE Motor Cycling magazine.


An earlier article by Michael Jackson about Lawrence of Arabia's SS100 Brough Superior [a.k.a. George VII], reproduced by kind permission of CYCLE WORLD magazine

Link to Article


Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

All at Brough Superior Motorcycles wish you a Happy Christmas or a Happy Seasonal Holiday and all the best in the New Year.


Foto Luky Schmidt 1925 Austria BS SS100


Fotos fom the new SS101K



news about SS100 No 1 1924

great fotos from the bike and a nice foto about Brough Superior Works Dinner Jan. 1925

BS SS100 No 1


New JAP catalogs online

JAP catalogs


Jay Leno The Collector

Articel Jay Leno Nov. 2009 (PDF | 2.694,38 kb)


Road Test of the new Brough Superior SS101 "Pendine"

Road Test SS101 Pendine


Mr. Jay Leno and Mr. Mark Upham talking about the new Brough Superior

Brough Superior Stand at Pebble Beach - Concourse d'Elegance 2009

Fotos from the Stand at Pebble Beach with Mr. Jay Leno


Brough Superior Engine

Brough Superior Debut Set for Pebble Beach

Read the Article here.pdf (PDF | 128,94 kb)


Brough Superior Debuts at Pebble Beach 2009

Brough Superior is back! Widely regarded as the most reverd

of historic brands, the last ever....

Read the Article here.pdf (PDF | 30,44 kb)