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Kings Road London 7.12.2017


Brough Superior at the NEC - Birmingham

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18 - 26 Nov 2017

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Moto Corsa Stand at the NEC Hall


Sump Magazine Classic Bike News

Brough Superior Pendine racer

Story snapshot:

SS100 V-twin gets sexed up

Bike on sale for 2018

"Pendine" is to the UK what "Bonneville" is to the Yanks. Well, sort of. This famous 7-miles stretch of beach along Carmarthen Bay in Wales has over the last century played host to hundreds of motor racing competitions and record attempts on both two and four wheels—and it's seen its share of disaster too... 


Sump Magazine

Brough Superior Pendine Sand Racer


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Brough Superior at Ace Cafe Orlando May 2017


Brough Superior at Wheels&Waves 2017

Biarritz June 2017


Brough Superior at the Ace Cafe in Barcelona

Brough Superior at the Ace Cafe in Barcelona May 2017


Brough Superior at the Excel London

Exhibiting the new Brough Superior


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Elf joins Brough Superior as Official Lubricant Technical Partner

From Motorcycle Live! in Birmingham, England – November, 21 – Elf, a brand of the global energy company Total, is proud to announce its new partnership with historic motorcycle manufacturer Brough Superior. Elf will become a technical partner to Brough Superior starting on November 15th, providing its technical expertise and products to the luxury British marque and its official distributors.

Elf will support Brough Superior becoming the “Official Lubricant and Technical Partner.” With 45 years of research and development and experience in the area of motor racing and road use, Elf has developed lubricants, greases, fluids and special additives of high quality and technical performance. The lubricants will be used as factory-fill and service lubricants. The service lubricants offered will cover a range of marques alongside the Brough Superior brand.

Marc Smith, General Manager of Total UK Lubricants Division said, “150 researchers are working at Total and Elf to develop high-end and classic lubricants. We are proud to work closely with Brough Superior and to contribute to their success. Being passionate and pushing the technical boundaries to new heights is something we share with such a legendary brand as Brough Superior. We’re delighted to provide our products, our support and our technical know-how.”

Mark Upham, CEO  of Brough Superior Ltd. commented, “Brough Superior is once again a global luxury brand and it is important that it continues to work with only the best from around the world. We recognize Elf as a leading player in the lubricant world and we very much look forward to working with them, to achieve more success. I am delighted that we will work together to provide both modern and classic motorcycle lubricant products.”

About Brough Superior

Founded in 1919, Brough Superior is an iconic motorcycle marque of unrivalled heritage and was the chosen brand of patron TE Lawrence (aka “Lawrence of Arabia”), and commonly referred to by many as “The Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles.” It is now about to enter its second century with the strongest model line-up in the company’s history as the British luxury brand looks toward an exciting future. The company utilizes cutting-edge technology with hand-craftsmanship and traditional techniques. Each motorcycle is a statement of elegance, dynamic styling and outstanding technology.

Moto Corsa is the exclusive importer of Brough Superior Motorcycles in the UK. Brough Superior and Moto Corsa are currently exhibiting at the Motorcycle Live! event in the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England until November 27th.

About Elf and Total

Total is a global integrated energy producer and provider, a leading international oil and gas company, and the world’s second-ranked solar energy operator with SunPower. Our 100,000 employees are committed to better energy that is safer, cleaner, more efficient, more innovative and accessible to as many people as possible. As a responsible corporate citizen, we focus on ensuring that our operations in more than 130 countries worldwide consistently deliver economic, social and environmental benefits.


Brough Superior Oil


Brough Superior at the NEC

New Brough Superior Mod.



Brough Superior: The Rolls Royce of motorcycles reborn


Wheels and Waves 2016


Brummm Photographic Art book -Motorious Chronicles

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A Motorcycle Bookazine




new mcn april

old meets new



A revered English marque releases its first new model in 75 years


Land Speed Racing

by Alan Cathcart


Ton-up salt racing on the Rolls-Royce of motorcycles

Every Motorcycle is built to the specific instructions of each customer and tailored to his or her needs


Classic Bike 04/2014

Bert Le Vack Replica Brough.

When Brough Superior bought Bert Le Vack's 1924 world record trophy, all they needed was a bike to go with it.

The Bert Le Vack Recreation


Motorcycle NEWS

Brough Superior Review

Brough Superior Retro Blaster is a hit


Eröffnung des höchstgelegenen Motorrad Museums Europas/ Opening of the Mountain Motorcycle Museum in Hochgurgl

Zu den Höhepunkten zählen eine Brough Superior aus dem Jahr 1939, die der legendäre Konstrukteur selbst gefahren hat.

Highlight: George Broughs SS100 1939


Film Eröffnung

Brough Superior



Brough Superior SS100 Nytlkad legend!

The new Brough Superior SS100


Biker Zone - Brough Superior SS100

Prueby Alan Cathcart

The new Brough Superior SS100 Test



Brough Superior SS100 Lagenda Telah Kembali!



Návrat anglické legendy

CMN Ceske Motocyclove Noviny



Brough Superior SS100


Wheels & Waves 8.6.-12.6.2016 Cite de L'Ocean - Biarritz

Wheels & Waves Website



Motorrad Classic - Brough Superior


MOTORRAD - Test Ride Brough Superior


Brough Superior SS100 Test Ride

Alan Cathcarts test ride


Classic Bike - Lawrence of Arabia


Clutch Magazine


Thierry Henriette - From Boxer to Brough


Expo Brough au Zweirad Museum (D)




MCN This week

Revived Brough Superior will have its

first all-new bike in 75 years running

in May, and expects to be delivering to

customers before the end of the year.




Brough Superior at the Grand Palais Paris 5th of February 2015


Brough Superior returns to Bonneville 2015


Jay Leno riding his SS100 1925


Brough Superior at the usual Christmas display in London

Until 5th of December

584 Kings Road London

Matthew Upham Antiques


Brough Superior SS100 Unveiled at EICMA 2014

Diff. Colours


Forged Pistons


Brough Superior 1150 1933

Brough Superior Cannonball Run 2014

First Brough Superior to finish a Cannonball

Bryan Bossier has loaned his 1933 Brough Superior to Paul d'Orleans - The Vintagent.


Giacomo Agostini, Alban and Attila Scheiber, Mark Upham

Brough Superior attends ground breaking Ceremony for New Motorcycle Museum at Hochgurgl


The new Brough Superior - forks - brake caliper


A Weekend at Silverstone by Giles Jackson


Moto2 Silverstone - McWilliams reviews day one on Brough Superior


Jeremy McWilliams to race Bennetts Brough Superior at Silverstone


Jeremy McWilliams sur la Brough Superior à Silverstone


Jeremy McWilliams as Wildcard at Silverstone aboard the Brough Superior Carbon2



Sensation!- McWilliams startet in Moto2 Silverstone with Brough Superior Carbon Moto2 Bike


Article Hollandais


Classic Bike Guide


Brough Superior Moto2 to wild card at Silverstone


L'exeptionnel fait son come back


Ramp Magazine - Brough Superior - Zwei Räder für Helden

Lawrence of Customania


Brough Superior Moto2 at Silverstone


Brough Superior Book

SS100 Super Sport

Since 1919


Brough Superior at the Le Mans Classic


Brough Superior old and new





Brough Superior Brochure 1935


The 1150 Brough Superior at Wheels and Waves


Wheels and waves Report 2014


Brough Superior Sculpture by Jeff Decker

Jeff Decker bronze sculpture of T.E. Lawrence on "George IV"


The Vintagent enjoying the Brough Superior at the Wheels and Waves event

An over-the-shoulder shot by Susan while descending the backside of a Basque mountain, all tree-lined and single-lane, well paved and the big Brough Superior burbling underneath us smooth and powerful and belying my memories of inadequate ground clearance. The old bus handled beautifully and blew off anything built through the '60s in the mountains, even two-up. Keep it in third for general mountain use, play with the advance for slow or go, and if you want speed, twist both wrists as the advance is the left twistgrip. The exhaust note changes tone to a bark which means business, and she charges. The 11-50 would do near 100mph new, and is rock solid. An excellent intro for my Cannonball ride this September, and many thanks to Mark and Christina Upham of Brough Superior Motorcycles for the use of this noble beast, and the Southsiders MC for laying out our path. As good as you'll find anywhere, and no wonder those Toulouse boys come here to play!


Brough Superior at Wheels and Waves


Thierry Henriette - the man behind the new Brough Superior...Mark Upham-custodian of the Brand --


On retrouvera également BMW, Royal Enfield, Ducati ou encore Brough Superior pour ne citer qu'eux.

Wheels and Waves


Brough Superior - das berühmteste Motorrad der Welt

Die Brough Superior war der Stolz der britischen Industrie, galt als bestes Motorradder Welt. Jetzt kommt sie wieder. Und das Hirn dahinter sitzt ausgerechnet in einem einschichtigen Vierseithof im oberösterreichischen Traunviertel.


Brough Superior at Wheels and Waves 2014

12-15th of June 2014 - Biarritz France


Brough Superior on BBC One Show



See here


Brough Superior on TV - Travel Channel

Henry Cole is used to riding thousands of miles across continents but, in The Ultimate Challenge, he is attempting to cover just one mile but cover that one mile faster than anyone else on earth has ever ridden it. Iconic British motorcycle manufacturer Brough Superior has offered Henry the chance to become one of their works racers on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah in an attempt to break the world land speed record for a pre-1955 classic motorcycle. Henry eventually meets up with the Brough Superior team in Los Angeles....

travel channel link


Brough Superior - Moto Heroes


La vie de la Moto

Brough Superior revient!


TÖFF Magazin Schweiz 03/2014

Wiedergeburt Brough Superior


Brough goes North - Classic Bike from Norway

Classic Bike Magazine Norway


KERB Motori - Italien Magazine

Cafe Bikes


Brough Superior on Youtube

Backstage with Brough Superior - Bonneville Salt Flats 2013


MOTO journal - le web des motards

Alors qu’elle avait disparu depuis les année 40, la Brough Superior SS100 revient en 2014 grâce à la société française Boxer Design


men's file magazine - Brough Superior


GENERATION MOTO - le retour de la Rolls Royce

More here


Brough Superior in Paris

The new Brough Superior SS 100 was presented in the auction, organized by Bonhams in Paris at the Grand Palais.

On the sidelines of this major event, Brough Superior took the opportunity to present the new SS 100

Read here in French


SPIEGEL ONLINE Brough Superior Revival Superior


Brough Superior Moto2 GP – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno about the Brough Superior Moto2 GP



When the Brough gets going: SS100 for a new millennium


Brough Superior aquire historic Le Vack Trophies

Bert Le Vack held the World Motorcycle Speed record several times during the 1920’s. A well known tuner as well as rider he was known as the “Wizard of Brooklands”. After a brief spell with Indian he moved to J.A. Prestwich in Tottenham in North London. He was responsible for development of their high powered V-twin engines. Riding a Brough Superior he used one to good effect to set a new World Motorcycle Speed Record at Arpajon, France on 6th of July 1924 at 119.05 mph.  He was to set a further record for Brough Superior when he returned in 1929 at 129.00mph.  J.A. Prestwich closed down their racing department and Le Vack moved on initially to New Hudson and the later to Motosaccoche in Switzerland. He was tragically killed testing one of their products in 1931.
Mark Upham, Brough Superior CEO recently met with Dale Le Vack, Bert’s grandson. He was able to acquire the Arpajon trophy from 1924.  Trophies like these are an important part of Brough Superior history.




MO Motorrad Magazin 1/2014


Brough PRESS - Classic Bike, Chop and Roll, Cafe Racer Magazine, The Riders Digest, Moto Journal, Bike Magazine South Africa, Classic Bike Guide, MCN,...

Click here - read what the Press has to say


Sumpmagazine - New Brough SS100. First UK view


Brough Superior at the Show Kempton Park


Annual Brough Superior gathering Kings Road London Dec. 2013

More pictures - click here


AMA National Land Speed Record Certificates Bonneville 2013


Brough Superior 2nd place in the TOP 10 gifts for Christmas - over 1000 USD


The new Brough Superior will be shown at the Southern Classic Off Road Show

at Kempton Park 7th of December

Along side with the new SS100 will be the 1150 and 750 cc machines from Bonneville which achieved 6 land speed records.


Brough Superior at the Ace Cafe


The NEW Brough Superior on display in London -5th of Dec.

584 King’s Road London SW6 2DX
T: +44 (0)20 7731 4444 | F: +44 (0)20 7736 0440


News - TV Presenter Henry Cole at NEC Birmingham

Bonneville Record Machine "Baby Pendine"


NEWS - The Telegraph - The return of Brough Superior


Brough Superiors launch at the Eicma

The Launch at EICMA

The new Brough Superior SS100


The new Brough Superior on Youtube

Click here


NEWS-Brough Superior on podium at Las Vegas

Brough-Superior moto2 bike gets 2nd place in its first competitive outing; the final WERA round at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in the hands of Shawn Higbee.


Please watch the film here


Brough Superior now holds 7 records - Two of which are FIM World Records

Read all details here


Brough Superior at The Barber Festival

Youtube about Moto2


Motorcycle Consumer News - Design - Return To The Salt


Dos récords del mundo para Alan Cathcart en Bonneville


Brough Superior World Record Machines at Classic Expo in Salzburg


Southsiders - Brough Superior make successful return to Bonneville Salt Flats

Read all about it here


Ace Cafe - 75th Anniversary Special

See more


NEWS - Brough Superior Shirts available

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Brough Superior Painting at exhibition in London

29th of October - 10th of November 2013

at The Gallery, 50 Redchurch Street, London E2.

Information about exhibition



Brough stakes a claim on Bonneville


Sump Magazine


The Record Machines Bonneville 2013


The Team - The Record Machines - The Riders


Brough Superior make successful return to Bonneville Salt Flats

In 2011 Brough Superior Motorcycles travelled to the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah and set a new record with their 1150cc Pendine Model.  In August this year the   Brough Superior factory team returned with two motorcycles and set two FIM world and four AMA records to add to the one achieved two years previously.
The Brough Superior 1150cc machine competing in the  1350 - APS – VF class achieved a speed of  110.454 mph in the first run and 116.882 mph on the return run to set an aggregate speed of 113.668 mph, a new AMA record. Later in the week, after further tuning of the bike and rider, the partial streamlining was removed and competing this time in the 1350 – A – VF class the motorcycle flew through the clocks at 122.614 mph in the first run and on the return run at 126.075 mph for an aggregate speed and new AMA record of 124.334 mph. This last run was actually the very last by any motorcycle in the entire competition as immediately afterwards the sky opened and there was a catastrophic storm and downpour of rain.  Rider Eric Patterson and chief engineer Alastair Gibson were very pleased with the performance of what is essentially an engine that is well under the maximum class size..
The Brough Superior 750cc machine nicknamed the “Baby Pendine” by the team and prepared by Brough Superior designer and engineer Sam Lovegrove was even more successful as it achieved two FIM world and two AMA records. On the first day of the event it set two FIM and one AMA record in the 750 A-PS-VG classes. Ridden by famed motorcycle journalist Alan Cathcart the first run was very much a shake down run at 97.260 mph over the flying mile. But he blitzed through the clocks at 105.004 mph on the return run for a new record average speed of 101.328.
The team quickly turned the bike around and after patiently sitting in the sun for nearly three hours the teams third rider, TV presenter Henry Cole riding in the 750 A-PS-VF class set a speed of 103.941 in the first run and 95.619 mph for the return creating a new AMA record of 99.780 mph. This bike ran smoothly and trouble free throughout the entire event and only required very minor changes to jetting, gearing and timing.
Brough Superior CEO Mark Upham pronounced himself satisfied with results achieved by the team. “We have attained the goals that we set ourselves at the beginning of the competition and continued with the story that is Brough Superior. This is the beginning of a new era for Brough Superior and with planning in place for our new modern machines the future looks very exciting”.

  • Brough Superior 1150 cc - The Retro Brough 

 Class 1350-A-VG   Average Speed 124.98 mph

Rider: Eric Patterson

This record still stands, set by us in 2011 (AMA) record


Class 1350  APS-VF    Average Speed  113.668 mph

Rider: Eric Patterson

25.8.2013  110.454 mph  time 12.27  temp 71.5 Humidity 49%

25.8.2013  116.882 mph  time 14.21  temp 81.6 Humidity 29%

AMA Record


Class 1350 A-VF    Average Speed  124.345 mph

Rider: Eric Patterson

28.8.2013 122.614 mph time  15.14 temp. 84.8F Humidity 33%

28.8.2013  126.075 mph  time 15.44 temp 84,8F Humidity 32%

AMA Record


  • Brough Superior 750 cc  - Baby Pendine

Class FIM Mile  750   Average Speed  101.3285 mph

This is a WORLD's Fastest (World Record) FIM

Rider: Alan Cathcart 


25.8.2013   97.447 mph

25.8.2013   105.210 mph


Class FIM Kilometer 750  Average Speed  101.329 mpH

This is a WORLD's Fastest (World Record) FIM

Rider: Alan Cathcart

25.8.2013  97.447 mph

25.8.2013  105.210 mph


Class 750 A-PS-VG  Average Speed  101.3285 mph

Rider: Alan Cathcart

25.8.2013   97.447 mph

25.8.2013   105.210 mph

AMA Record


Class  AMA 750 A-VF  Average Speed 99.78 mph

Rider: Henry Cole

25.8.2013  104.298 mph  

25.8.2013   95.619 mph

AMA Record


Brough Superior now holds 7 records at Bonneville

Two of which are FIM World Records



Brough Superior team updates from Bonneville 2013 28/08/13

  • Brough Superior 1150cc

There have been a number of technical difficulties associated with this bike. On the first day a vibration problem was traced to a loose bolt in the front engine mounting. In spite of this the bike still recorded runs of 110mph and 116mph. The high ambient temperatures have made carburettor jetting changes inevitable.  Changes were made to the trigger  rotor in the Pazon electronic ignition system. Furthermore a change of riding style produced a serious  discussion between rider and chief engineer. This produced a run of 121mph which was the best this bike has achieved in this years Speed Trials. However this was achieved by running flat out in fourth as the bike would not pull fifth or sixth gear. This suggests it may be slightly overgeared.  A gearing change has been made to allow full use of the gear box.

The first run today in 1350 APS-VG was 121.445mph in the mile.

The second run today was in 1350 AVF was 122.614 in the mile after gearing and removal

AVERAGE for the FIRST RECORD: 122.0295 mpH

The course was briefly closed while a camera that had fallen off one of the bikes but then while Eric Patterson was waiting to make a return run the sky darkened and a few  drops of rain began to fall and the wind picked up. Eric arrived at the course  gate for  the return run with seconds to spare and was immediately waved through by the officials. He  gave the motorcycle full throttle and flew through the clocks at a speed of 126.075mph his best of the event. Immediately afterwards there was a catastrophic rainstorm that completely flooded the course. After 15 minutes of high winds and and heavy rain the salt flats had turned into a lake. Everyone was forced to shelter in their cars and vans as tents and shelters were blown in all direction. Many bikes had to be abandoned to the elements.

The return run was 126.075mph  in the 1350 AVF Class


  • Brough Superior 750cc

This bike has run very smoothly throughout the time trials which considering it has had virtually no development is a very credible start. So far changes have been limited to minor alterations in gearing, ignition timing and carburation. It has achieved the first two records that the team had attempted but it may not quite reach other records which were always going to be a stretch at this stage of development. The next stage is to remove the partial streamlining and attempt some unstreamlined classes. Watch this space.


NEWS Both Brough Superiors clear Technical Inspection

Dateline: Thursday 30 August 2013

After motorcycles have successfully completed record speed attempts at the Bonneville Speed Trials they have to go through a process of technical inspection to ensure that they comply with the regulations of that class. An important part of that process is stripping the engines and removing the cylinder heads so that the bore and stroke can be accurately measured and the correct capacity for the class confirmed.

Not surprisingly both the team Brough Superiors cleared this hurdle with ease although engineers Alastair Gibson and Sam Lovegrove had to work in half an inch of water left from the previous evening’s storm.


BUB Speed Trials at Bonneville Salt Flats cancelled due to the weather

Dateline: Thursday 30 August 2013

The 2013 BUB Speed Trials held at the Bonneville Speedway were cancelled for the final day due to inclement weather. A sudden cloudburst and associated high winds flooded the pits and race course on Wednesday afternoon causing the event to be abandoned on the final day. Virtually the whole lake bed was covered in at least an inch of water and it was much deeper in places particularly around the boat ramp where competitors leave the lake bed. Long term competitors had been used to the odd rain storm before but had seldom seen the sort of flash flood experienced on Wednesday afternoon.


NEWS - Brough Superior set new record at 2013 Bonneville Speed Trials

Dateline 25 August 2013

Brough SuperiorTeam rider Alan Cathcart set a new record at Bonneville in both the FIM and AMA categories with the 750cc “Baby Pendine” machine. His first run was at 97.447 for the flying kilometre and 97.260 for the flying mile. Conditions were perfect in terms of humidity and temperature and the salt was good.

He didn’t have to wait too long for the course to become clear for the return run. This time he flew through the clocks at 105.210 for the kilo and 105.004 for the Mile.

This created a new record speed of 101.3285mph for the class.



NEWS-Henry Cole sets new record on Brough Superior at Bonneville Speed Trials 2013

Dateline: 25 August 2013

Television presenter and all round good guy Henry Cole set a new record in the AMA 750AVF class riding a “Baby Pendine” 750cc Brough Superior motorcycle. This was Henry’s first time on the salt but he rode like a champ surviving a tank slapper and a breezy crosswind to record a best speed of 104.298mph in the flying kilo and 103.941mph in the flying mile. After waiting patiently in line for nearly three hours it was a fitting reward for the team and especially his crew chief Sam Lovegrove.

Conditions were deteriorating as the day went on although the salt stayed hard, the wind maderiding tricky. There was just enough time to get Henry’s bike through inspection and then he rode up to the line with seconds to spare. In  spite of a headwind he was still able to record a flying mile at 95.619mph for an average speed of 99.78mph

Pictures by Gary S France


Brough Superior Team Member – CEO Mark Upham

Brough Superior CEO Mark Upham made the decision in December 2012 to return to Bonneville. ”We returned to Bonneville after two years. The first time we came to the Speed Trials as Bonneville rookies but took home an AMA record. We came back to achieve more records. We have been delighted by the success we have had already with the first two attempts producing new records”.

Mark was born in Taunton, England but moved to Southampton with his family where his father a naval sea Captain was Superintendant of Southampton Docks. He started his own motorcycle shop M & D Motorcycles when he was just 19 years old in Wellington. He also worked as a consultant for Phillips Auctioneers in New Bond Street, London.

Mark moved to Austria in 1996 where he started British Only (Austria) a company specialising in the sales and parts of  predominately British motorcycles.

In 2008 he acquired the rights to the Brough Superior company and has developed the brand to a point where by 2009 they were producing complete brand new motorcycles improved replicas of original Brough models.

In the last two years he has concentrated on developments of brand new road and racing models. These are completely new designs. Road bikes now have to be designed to comply with Euro3 and Euro4 regulations. This will allow the company to achieve volume production at a lower price to allow wider public ownership. The motorcycles will remain at the top end of the market. Brough will always be a luxury brand.

Mark is married to his wife Christine and they have one daughter Viktoria.


Brough Team Team Member – Henry Cole and his crew

Henry Cole is one of the three Brough Superior Team riders. Henry was born in Hampshire, England. He was educated at Eton College and became interested in motorcycles when he was 10 years old. He thinks he was obsessed with them from that time onwards. His first ride was on a Puch Maxi but he has moved on a bit since then.

Henry runs HCA Entertaiments a television production company. Although they make a variety of programs they major on motorcycle subjects. They produce “The Worlds Greatest Motorcycle Rides” for the Travel Channel – their top rated show and “The Motorbike Show” for ITV4. They are currently working on their fifth series of this show which is also shown on Discovery Channel. Hery’s shows are currently shown in 128 countries, translated into 19 languages and are watched in 250 million homes worldwide.

His main passion is road riding and he has covered a few hundred thousand miles in this pursuit. Just recently he acquired his ACU (Auto Cycle Union) license and rode in his first road race. This has been his first experience on the salt and he was able to set an AMA  record on his first attempt.

He also recently started Gladstone Motorcycles which is named after the famous British Prime Minister, a family relative. The first bike, a quintessential British bobber using a Triumph T140 motor will be launched at Salon Privé. Because of Henry’s close Association with Brough Superior, a Brough SS101 Dunlop Replica will be shown on the stand.

Henry has 17 bikes of his own and is happily married to Janey. Both his children Charlie and Tom are motorcyclists.


Brough Superior Team Leader David Jackson


Brough Superior Team Member Cathy Patterson

Cathy was born in Isleworth Middlesex. She first met Eric in 1981 and they dated for six months but they were not to get back together for nearly 30 years! She lived in Rimini, Italy for five years and speaks fluent Italian. Five years ago she met up with Eric again and they married a year and a half ago. She is not herself a rider but she does occasionally ride on the back of Eric’s Brough.

Her duties in the team are to make sure everyone is fed and watered and she is the biggest factor in preventing the team from becoming dehydrated. In the heat of competition it is very easy to forget to eat or drink. This is her third trip to the salt. She loves travelling and they travel all over the world.

She has to be very tolerant of her husband’s passion for all things motorcycling but she is fascinated by the wide spectrum of all things bike and the people they meet whether it is the Salon Privé or the Ace Café. She currently runs EGP Enterprises with her husband.


Cathy and Eric Patterson and the 1150cc Brough Superior at 2013 Bonneville Speed Trials


Brough Team Member Viktoria Upham

At nine years old Viktoria Upham is the youngest member of the team but in addition to helping Cathy Patterson in the teams kitchen she acts as pit signaller and all round gofer.

She had no choice about being involved with motorcycles as both her English father Mark Upham and her Austrian mother Christine were keen motorcyclists. Together they run British Only (Austria) GmbH  based in Pettenbach, Upper Austria. In addition her father is of course CEO of Brough Superior. As a result she has been totally immersed in motorcycling from year one. Viktoria likes two wheels but she also has a Morgan and a Bugatti that she drives around the family farm. She likes any sport and is good at swimming and shooting. A long term ambition is to ride a horse. She is bilingual and oftens travels to Britain and at least once a year to Italy. This year she is in Utah. She would like a dog, preferably a Golden Retriever and she has four cats. Unfortunately her mother had to leave the USA early but she has taken all the travelling and the inevitable waiting around with ease.


Brough Superior Team Member Ian Poskett


Brough Team Member – Race engineer Sam Lovegrove

Sam Lovegrove is the chief engineer in charge of the 750 cc “Baby Pendine” Brough Superior. Sam has always had an interest in all things mechanical. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Oxford – Brookes University. He then became involved in suspension and gearbox design for Gemini. He did a lot of development work on Honda NSX and Corvette C7R Le Mans cars.

He then moved to Newlands Motors building Jaguar and Aston Martin race cars. From there he became chief engineer for Europe’s largest hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer. He now has his own company restoring and building vintage and classic motorcycle in the West Country. He moved there with his wife and four children to enjoy what he calls the wholemeal lifestyle.


Brough Superior makes progress with 750-A-PS-VG

Brough Superior makes progress with 750-A-PS-VG

Dateline 27 August 2013

After some testing yesterday and experimenting with gearing changes the Brough Superior “Baby Pendine” started to make some progress once it had been geared down. Team rider Alan Cathcart accelerated away from mile zero on the mountain course and flew through the timing traps at 105.462 miles per hour over both the kilo and the mile. Not bad for what is essentially a 1930s design bike. Alan Cathcart pronounced himself satisfied but both he, Sam Lovegrove and Brough Superior CEO Mark Upham felt that there was more to come.

Conditions are really good today with moderate sun causing a pleasant 69.4F temperature and 56% humidity. The salt is good.


Brough Superior Team member Mike Jackson

M.J. - Journalist


Brough Superior Team Member Eric Patterson

Brough Superior rider Eric Patterson has ridden motorcycles his entire adult life but he finds that his enthusiasm is undiminished at 67 years of age. At his age many men would be taking up gardening and putting on their slippers but Eric prefers life in the Fast Lane. This month he will compete in the BUB Speed Trials at the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA.

His mount is a  Brough Superior Specially prepared  by ex Formula One engineer Alastair Gibson.  Gibson who previously worked for the BAR Honda F1 team has built the bike specifically with speed in mind.

This is Eric’s fifth trip to the Salt Flats an odyssey that started in 2008. His first trip was made with friend Ken Joslin but subsequent trips were made with wife Cathy. “They  were an amazing experience” says  Cathy. “I couldn’t believe the friendliness, helpfulness and all round camaraderie”.  At that time the team was just Eric and Cathy. They now have the full backup of the Brough Factory. His initial experiences were with his own Norton Jap. The engine from this bike forms the basis of this year’s bike. Originally the engine was transferred to Mark Upham’s Brough Superior for the 2011 event. This year Alastair has rebuilt the engine and tuned it for even more power.

Eric is hoping to reach 140mph this year up from his previous record of 124.98 with a best one way of 127.07

Eric’s longterm aims are to reach 200mph in the Vintage Class. He sees a compressor as being essential to achieve enough power at the high altitude of the Salt Flats. That and full streamlining may help him to achieve just that.


Brough Team Member: Michael “Mick” Cook

Mick Cook has been around motorsports his entire working life. He started racing motorcycles when he was 15 initially on Yamaha TZs. He raced for eight years and then changed over to four wheels. He raced Formula Fords but found he preferred two wheels. He started his own company Mick Cook Racing and began running cars for other people. They won the Star of Tommorow competition in 1980. He then moved onto Formula Three and then Formula 3000. He worked with drivers who would go onto great things including Vincenzo Sospiri, Kenny Brack and Pablo Montoya.

He moved onto Formula One with BAR Honda but then transferred to Arden Racing working under Christian Horner later with Red Bull. As race engineer Mick won seven Fornmula 3000 championships. Currently he is working with the ISR  team in World series racing. He is hoping to be doing more restoration and construction work rather than the racing stuff. He is married with two children and now one grandchild.

He has always liked the technical side of motorsport and is enjoying working with 80 year old motorcycles.


Brough Superior Team Members - The Cathcarts - Father and Son


The Brough Family Organisation

Dateline: August 26 2013

The Brough Superior Bonneville team team were visited by members of the Brough Family Organisation. This organisation is for any persons with a connection either directly or indirectly to the Brough name. It has 10,000 members worldwide and has traced over 60,000 others with the Brough name. Appropriately enough the Organisation is based in Utah. It was founded in 1918 and is one of the oldest surname organisations in the world. The majority of the members are based in the USA or the United Kingdom but there are members in Canada, South Africa,New Zealand and Australia.

While at the Bonneville Speedway the team met the Vice President Richard Brough and  Historian and Global Historian Clayton Brough both Utah residents. We were also very fortunate to meet Ken Brough from Idaho who is George Brough’s sixth cousin removed. He is the nearest living relative to George Brough who still retains the Brough surname.

George Brough came to Bonneville in 1949 with the Noel Pope record attempt.

Clayton Brough explained  the Brough Coat of Arms which is a Saltaire with five swans. The swans symbolise peace while the saltaire cross implies the determination to defend if necessary with life.  “Peace and Strength” is the family motto.  Brough Superior CEO Mark Upham has been given permission to use the Brough coat of arms on his products.


Brough Superior Team Member Alastair Gibson

Alastair Gibson is the chief engineer on the Brough Superior 1150cc Bonneville Speed Trials motorcycle. He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1962. He completed high school in 1980 and then did 2 years National Service seeing combat  in Angola. He then went to engineering college for four years and worked for two years for a balancing company.

He left South Africa to work in the motor racing industry in Britain. He worked his way up from Formula Ford to eventually becoming chief mechanic for the BAR Honda Formula One team. He gave up the industry in 2008 to become a full time sculptor using carbon fibre as a medium. He nows runs his own studio Carbon Art 45. He has exhibited his work in most parts of the world. He is about to open a gallery called the E-Street Gallery which will exhibit work from other artists as well as Alastair.

However it was not too long before Alastair felt the pull of competition again. He felt he wanted to create something that was functional, yet fast and competitive. He prepared the Brough Superior motorcycle for the 2011 Bonneville Speed trials. This year he feels the experience gained then has stood him in good stead for this years record attempts. He felt that he only needed a week to get ready this year compared to a month the previous time!

The team is going for four records with this motorcycle and Aaistair has vowed not to shave until a record is achieved.


Brough Superior Team Member Giles Jackson

Special Thanks for your efforts


The Brough Superior Team attend registration at the 2013 Bonneville Speed Trials

Dateline: Saturday 24 August 2013

The Brough Superior Bonneville Speed Trials team were up bright and early this morning. They left the hotel at 6.30 to be in line on the “Boat Ramp” so as to set up the pit area in good time.Over 300 racers and their crews lined up on the road from Wendover to the Speedway and there was the usualgood hearted banter among the competitors. News crews in a helicopter flew just 15 feet off the ground as they photographed the lines of cars, trucks, trailers and vans waiting to go onto the salt.The team immediately layed out their pit area and staked down ground sheets on the salt, then erected covered sun awnings over the bikes, tools and workshop benches. Both Alastair Gibson and Sam Lovegrove pronounced themselves pleased with the status of their bikes so it was off to scrutineering and rider registration.Temperatures reached over 90F but in the late afternoon windspeed picked up considerably. During the afternoon the team received a visit from members of the Brough Family Organisation.


Brough Superior Team Member Bryan Bossier


Brough Team Member – Alan Forbes

During the 2013 Bonneville Speed Trials, Brough Superior were fortunate to have the presence of Alan Forbes in the team. Alan became interested in Motorcycles at an early age when his father used to take him to the local US airbase. He saw the airmen riding Indian and Harley motorcycles. By then Indian was no longer in manufacture.

With a consuming passion to re-establish interest in the Indian he built up a dossier of contacts for parts and service. By the late 70s he had started to make parts and inevitably this led onto making whole motorcycles. Through the 80s and early 90s he continued to expand his premises to cater to the interest he had generated. He also organised international Indian meets some of which attracted over 350 Indians- the largest ever amount of Indians gathered together within living memory.

Alan registered the Indian name in Britain to protect the position he had built up. As can happen when an extinct brand is brought back to prominence, others can attempt to appropriate the name.

He initated the production of a modern Indian Four with a 112 cu inch 1.85 litre motor. He uses sand and plaster of Paris castings because he likes the texture of the castings often found in specialist engines. The motor uses a multipoint fuel injection system and his own 4 speed gear box and shaft final drive. For Alan, an important aspect was to create an Indian with an individual appearance with a very separate identity which did not draw on the Harley Davidson appearance nor crib design from the Harley Davidson drawing board.

Although Alan’s Indian marque is clearly a separate product,  Brough sees it as a complimentary rather than a rival brand, and consider that sharing of aspects of their respective interests bring synergies to their visions and brands . What many motorcycle enthusiasts may not know is that Alan is also a bona fide rock musician and from time to time takes to his other love of music, playing shows in Europe North America and Japan.


Brough Team Member Mike Jackson M.J.


Brough Superior Team travels to Wendover/Bonneville Salt Flats

Dateline: August 23 2013

The Brough Superior Bonneville Speed Trials Team travelled from Los Angeles to Wendover in Utah via Las Vegas. Chief engineer Alastair Gibson and Mick Cook both former Formula One race engineers travelled in one van while Mark Upham, Sam Lovegrove, David Sharpe and Giles Jackson travelled in the team bus.  Eric and Cathy Patterson, Ian Poskett and Mike Jackson flew in via Salt Lake City. The road team stopped at Las Vegas to pick up the team’s RV.

Other riders Alan Cathcart and Henry Cole plus the members of Henry’s television production team were due to arrive today to make up the full team compliment. Team sponsors and supporters including Mike Fitzsimons of Fitzsimons Engineering and Jared Zaugg of Bench and Loom were due to arrive today.


Brough Superior unveil new Moto 2 GP motorcycle at the Petersen Museum,

Dateline: 21st August 2013 Los Angeles 

Brough Superior finished their preparations for their record breaking attempts at the Bonneville Salt Flats at the Jay Leno Big Dog Garage in Burbank, California.  The team were very grateful to Jay and his team of engineers at the garage. He gave the team full use of his facilities including all the machinery. This turned out to be very useful when one of the bikes. incurred minor damage during transit from the United Kingdom.

With preparation completed  the team transferred the two record breaking bikes to the Top Floor of the Petersen Museum in downtown Los Angeles.

The Ace Café hosted Brough Superior at an exclusive reception at the Museum to show off the Bonneville bikes and the new Moto 2  GP bike. Jay Leno kindly agreed to unveil the Moto 2 bike and there were gasps of amazement when the high-tech all carbon framed bike was shown off. As befitting a Brough Superior motorcycle the machine features many innovative design concepts. These will be covered in a later article on this website.

The elite of Los Angeles’s Café Racer society were present including The Boot Campaign charity for injured soldiers. Mark Upham was keen to include the charity as his own son, a serving soldier in the British Army,  had completed three tours of duty in Afghanistan.   A number of items were auctioned off for the charity including a jacket donated by Matchless Motorcycles  and  a Cushman scooter once owned by Bruce Willis which fetched $5000. Mr Jay Leno very kindly donated a number of  day visits to the Big Dog Garage at $100 a time. This also raised a great deal of money as there were plenty of takers.

Compere for the evening Alan Cathcart introduced a number of Brough personnel including CEO Mark Upham , constructors/designers Alistair Gibson and Sam Lovegrove, constructor of the Moto 2 bike Paul Taylor,  celebrity and TV presenter Henry Cole,  record attempt rider Eric Patterson and development rider Shawn Higbee .

Attending the party was  Argentinian designer who designed amongst other motorcycles  the Ducati Monster as well as three other motorcycle designers. With the current interest in motorcycling and given its location near Hollywood it was no surprise that the party acted as a magnet for actors and production staff from the film and television industry. Rider Henry Cole was present with members of his production company HCA entertainment.

Many suppliers and sponsors of Brough Superior were present including Bill Gordon of Red Torpedo who manufactures clothing for Brough Superior and Michele Manelotti of Matchless who kindly provided Brough Superior with top quality team  jackets. Matchless are keen to re-establish the connection with Brough Superior as they provided engines for the marque from 1935 to 1940. 


Send off party

Send off Party at the Petersen Museum in LA - hosted by Ace Cafe USA


NEWS-Brough Superior arrived in LA

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Brough Family Reunion at the Bonneville Salt Flats


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Henry Cole - Riding for Brough Superior

Henry Cole, TV presenter will be joining the Brough Team for Bonneville 2013, filming, photographing and riding. Henry Cole now becomes one of the 3 Brough Superior works riders.

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Henry Cole-TV Star on the new Bonneville Brough

Henry Cole Test ride on the new Brough Superior, which will be at Bonneville this year - world record attempt.

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Pendine Sands is one of the most evocative names in the annals of British motorcycle history. In the 1920s the seven-mile (11 km) beach on the south coast of Wales hosted the Welsh TT races and no less than five successful land speed record attempts.



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Brough Superior record attempt at Bonneville Salt Flats

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